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It’s been long time since my last post here, but some of you may know I have been tumblring frequently lately.

I have tried Twitter, Facebook, etc, but I never kept using them. Tumblr is different. In explaining Union Square Ventures’ investment in Tumblr, Andrew Parke says:

Tumblelogging exists to express a more ethereal identity. Sometimes a simple image or snippet of video I find online can say much more about my current opinion, mood, or self-identity than any number of text paragraphs.

Personal expression online should be simple, and, more importantly, it should be beautiful. … the beauty in Tumblr is in its simplicity.

On 1st of November they released Tumblr 3.0 and have been working very hard. Check that out once if you haven’t.

You may find it a little bit unstable sometimes as I experienced last week, but as Jamis Buck (37signals) says, I have full confidence in them, too.

Reading all the bile and frustration in the comments, I felt I had to add a bit to counterbalance it. Being a web app developer myself, I’ve been there, and I know how it is to deploy a much-anticipated update and have it go bad. What the users are currently feeling is NOTHING to what the developers are currently feeling.

Calm down, people. Give the devs some time to straighten things out. I, for one, applaud their desire to improve tumblr, and I have full confidence in them. Yeah, in the meantime, my blog is down. I can live with that. I’ve got RL hobbies I can fall back on until things are working again. Life goes on! 🙂

It’s also very encouraging that the Tumblr community started the forum via Ning and the customer service via GetSatisfaction.


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I stop posting “10 things I didn’t know last week“, but will post more on my tumblr. I will post some follow-ups here if anything gets more interested.

I have been enjoying tumblelogging using the excellent hosting service Tumblr. Like twitter, you can now follow your friends on your Dashboard.

Don’t you have one, yet? Check what people are tumblring about. There are 28000 tumblr users according to Google.

Check Juxtaviews if you are wondering about tumblelogging. I agree with him that it can be more personal than the blogging. For me, it’s more exciting than twitter.

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EuroFoo schedule
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David Huynh of the MIT Simile project is to give a talk on Exhibit at WWW 2007! [via Simile blog]

There are many interesting talks during the 5 days conference. Tim Berners-Lee is there as plenary speaker, too!

How do people plan the days at a conference? Although I don’t go the conference I have checked the confabb. There are 5 entries of WWW2007, but it’s shame that none of them have sessions nor speakers information.

Check out the Exhibit conference program browser made by David using the WWW2007 program XML data set. Nice one.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could update your Google Calendar or Spreadsheet with your selected sessions?

While googling I came across Sweet Tools (Sem Web), an excellent example of Google Spreadsheet and Exhibit and a great post on Exhibit by Michael K. Bergman

Lastly I want to quote this (again) by David Huynh

So, small data sets are a big deal
if we make them
usefully browsable, readily RE-usable, and so easy to publish.

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Green car
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I finally saw a grass van. The car passed by slowly at a crossing on my way to work yesterday morning. Everyone looked and smiled at it. It was a peaceful moment in a rush hour in The City.

The Innocent, coincidentally, was in a news – starting a trial its kid’s drinks at 80 McDonald’s outlets.

Well, I think it’s not a bad idea. A health choice is good for kids, but a question is whether kids will chose it instead of a fizzy drink. It’s said it’s a trial and I don’t know how it is sold to encourage kids to try it out. I remember that Jamie Oliver had difficulties to get kids to eat his new menu at school in the beginning. It’s interesting to see some stats at the end of the trial.

The Innocent blog is one of my favourites. They, of course, communicated with their customers on this trial. There are many comments (good or bad) from passionate customers and they published a follow-up post next day. I am sure they will post more follow-ups and they will learn a lot from this trial. It’s good for them.

Tea On The Square
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I really loved its stunning visualisation of life by numbers in The Human Footprint.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if all the things you produce and consume in your lifetime were piled up outside your door? All your clothes, all your electrical goods, all your worldly goods laid out before you? This remarkable film tells the story of an average life, a 2,475,576,000 seconds journey from the cradle to the grave. revealing the extraordinary impact that each of our lives has on the world around us. It is the story of our human footprint. [Touch]

I wish they showed those images in the Human Footprint Calculator. There are some numbers and images available online. How did they lay out 75,000 cups of tea in Trafalgar Square? Watch this.

TED Talks Visualization
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The TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) launched the new website, which was also featured as “Giving Away Information, but Increasing Revenue” at New York Times. I am looking forward to exploring the new site and watching great talks again and again.

The innovative navigation in Flash showing groups of talks in different size is enjoyable. They also provide a simple list view.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could browse talks in SIMILE Exhibit? Is there any chance for them to make all talks’ meta data available in XML? Yahoo! Pipes could create a JSON feed for Exhibit from the XML.

Sorry for not having any implementation here, but just throwing an idea first.

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BBC has huge news archives and many interesting Timeline pages:

More here. They are all static HTML pages. However, they made great effort to visualize/mashup some of them using Flash.

I hope BBC “Open Data” under Creative Common licenses soon.

It would be very handy if the data were available in XML. Microformats (hCalendar) could be used to describe each timeline event. Then, Microformats parser in Yahoo! Pipe would become really useful.

Yahoo! Pipes has a cross-domain policy file. You can use Yahoo! Pipes with RSS or JSON output. Then BBC’s Timeline data could be visualized in SIMILE Exhibit, even in your own Flash.

Yahoo! Pipes is so exciting.

While googling I came across Matthew Somerville who has done a fantastic job on BBC News Archives. He uses SIMILE Timeline in BBC News Story Timeline. I hope he will try SIMILE Exhibit one day.

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Elastic Lists by Moritz Stefaner
Originally uploaded by Lilly.

Moritz Stefaner, a User Interface Design researcher at the University of Potsdam, has created a great UI browsing multi-facetted data structures, called the ‘elastic lists’. It’s brilliant. Check the online demo.

Elastic lists enhance traditional facet browsing approaches by
• visualizing relative proportions (weights) of metadata values by size
• visualizing unusualness of a metadata weight by brightness
• and animated filtering transitions.

You can also switch on little sparklines to see the temporal distribution of each metadata value. I like that.

This is written in Flash. Compare this with Simile Exhibit, the similar nobel prize winners demo, which is written in only Javascript.

He also created the Elastic Tag Maps, which is one of the most interesting tags visualization I’ve ever seen. He analysed the problems with the popular static tag clouds and developed a mapping algorithm to analyse and display tag structures based on how tags occur together, “relatedness” and “freshness”. Check the online demo.

via inforthetics

P.S. I have found a great in-depth comparison of Swivel and Many Eyes from his comment to his own post.

Originally uploaded by Franz Patzig.

After having read “Why blogger should use creative commons licenses“, I have chosen the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License and added it to the sidebar.

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. Others can download and redistribute your work just like the by-nc-nd license, but they can also translate, make remixes, and produce new stories based on your work. All new work based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also be non-commercial in nature.

I love Flickr
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I heart Flickr and Flickr users in particular who are most creative and inspirational.

I have been using the “blog this” feature to add one of my favourite photos to most of my blog posts adding visual accent to them. I used 45 photos since I started this blog. I thank very much to all of those photographers for sharing your lovely photos.

However, I have learnt that even if the “blog this” button is available I should have asked for an appropriate permission to use their photo if its copyright is “all right reserved”. I have realised that some of photo I used fall into this.

Then I wonder whether they are notified when I used the “blog this” for their photo. I think it would be nicer if I can add a comment to the photo in the blog this photo page as well as the blog post itself. It would be even nicer if a trackbak or ping is added to the comment of the photo when the photo was blogged or linked.

Anyway, I have left a “thank you” comment to all photos I have used. I hope they are okay with their photos being shared in my blog posts.

P.S. It was interesting that after I posted some 20 comments Flickr warned me:

You’re posting a lot of comments! To make sure you’re a nice, well-behaved human and not a spammy bot, please enter the text ‘xxxxxxx’ in the box below.


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