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It’s been long time since my last post here, but some of you may know I have been tumblring frequently lately.

I have tried Twitter, Facebook, etc, but I never kept using them. Tumblr is different. In explaining Union Square Ventures’ investment in Tumblr, Andrew Parke says:

Tumblelogging exists to express a more ethereal identity. Sometimes a simple image or snippet of video I find online can say much more about my current opinion, mood, or self-identity than any number of text paragraphs.

Personal expression online should be simple, and, more importantly, it should be beautiful. … the beauty in Tumblr is in its simplicity.

On 1st of November they released Tumblr 3.0 and have been working very hard. Check that out once if you haven’t.

You may find it a little bit unstable sometimes as I experienced last week, but as Jamis Buck (37signals) says, I have full confidence in them, too.

Reading all the bile and frustration in the comments, I felt I had to add a bit to counterbalance it. Being a web app developer myself, I’ve been there, and I know how it is to deploy a much-anticipated update and have it go bad. What the users are currently feeling is NOTHING to what the developers are currently feeling.

Calm down, people. Give the devs some time to straighten things out. I, for one, applaud their desire to improve tumblr, and I have full confidence in them. Yeah, in the meantime, my blog is down. I can live with that. I’ve got RL hobbies I can fall back on until things are working again. Life goes on! 🙂

It’s also very encouraging that the Tumblr community started the forum via Ning and the customer service via GetSatisfaction.


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