Young Vic
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It was a perfect weather weekend for Open House London 2007. I was looking forward to the event and planning my days using their Google Map enabled search tool. 600 places for just 2 days! Some places are open for only one day and some popular places require pre-booking. Obviously I had to give up many of my first choices.

I have used Google My Map to organize my Sunday. Since the does not allow to embed the map yet, check my Sunday plan if you are interested.

On Saturday afternoon I drove down to Richmod area to visit Ham House, one of the most haunted 17th-century houses in Britain. Before that I had a delicious home-made cake and tea at Petersham Nurseries Teahouse. The stunning photos at their website led me to Nordljus, a talented Japanese food blogger Keiko Oikawa’s blog. I thought she was a professional photographer.

On Sunday, I got up a bit early and went down to London by train. I visited City Hall first to avoid queuing. Views from rooftop were a great start of the day. I really liked the famous spiral staircase and I thought I would use it every day if I worked there. The next planned visit was the Bank of England, but as I feared there was a long queue and I skipped it this time. After having visited Bartholomew’s Hospital, I came across a shooting some 80’s or 70’s scene on Old Bailey on the way to the next place. In my original schedule, I did not plan to visit 101 Victoria Embankment, but because I skipped the Bank of England and Middle Temple Hall was not open until 1pm, I just popped in the building. Then I was surprised by free refreshment, a bottle of iced tea and an ice cream! My last visit was Haworth TompkinsYoung Vic Theatre, which was shortlisted for RIBA Stirling Prize 2007. I really enjoyed the guided tour and they even allowed the visitors to get up on the slightly sloped stage in the auditorium.

I have uploaded selected photos to my Flickr.

I just thought it would have been more fun with iPod Touch and free Wi-Fi in London.

Finally I would like to thank to the organizer and volunteers for the fantastic event.