Time to Mingle…
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I installed ThoughtWorks Studios’ Mingle (Early Access Windows Version) a few weeks ago. I was interested in Mingle only because it runs on JRuby.

The installation was straightaway. It just worked. It runs a small executable called MingleServer.exe in which something are hidden. Hmm. Most of the ruby codes are obfuscated to protect IP. Fair enough. But, still it is interesting to see how it is deployed.

Mingle freezes not only rails but also all required gems.Everything even JRE is in one package to guarantee it will work when deployed. I have used Gems On Rails (aka vendor everything) to freeze some gems, but I could not get freezed ActiveRecord-JDBC working when I tried to run JRuby on Rails in Tomcat. Fortunately config files are not obfuscated. The environment.rb includes similar codes to Gems On Rails, which might be a trick to get all working.

Mingle has a retty plugin installed. Retty is a Ruby on Rails plugin that lets Jetty run as a server using JRuby. Even though it’s specific to Rails, it’s very interesting to read the server code since I tried the Jetty in JRuby, too.

Now 1.0 general release is available with an interesting pricing. I might try UNIX version to see if anything changed or wait for 1.1 release which will be delivered as a .war file that can be deployed on any of the popular Java EE application servers.

P.S. I’ve just realized that the public search on kiyo.wordpress.com does not search comments. Why? Google crawl the comment feed of each post.

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