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MIT’s SIMILE has announced 2 new projects in their blog: Timeplot and Potluck.

Timeplot is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for plotting time series and overlay time-based events over them. Timeplot extends our existing Timeline widget to provide the ability to overlay time series over existing Timeline event data.

I have used Timeline a few times and I’ve loved it. I can’t wait to try out Timeplot. Plotting time-based events and time series data together is somehting missing in Swivel and Many Eyes. You will be able to plot a stock price chart with its news overlay like Google Finance. I’ve found the website stats example very interesting. Have you seen anything like that?

Why another charting tool? Timeplot FAQ answers:

  • it’s fully written in javascript and DHTML (you can use regular HTML web developer tools such as Firebug to check out its internals, debug it or modify it)
  • it doesn’t require any plugin to be installed in your browser
  • it doesn’t require any software to be installed on the server
  • it’s based on Timeline’s code so it’s naturally capable of reusing event data and mash it up with time series
  • it’s highly modular: you can write your own time series processing algorithms or your own layout geometries and add them directly from your pages (without having to wait for us to add them).
  • it’s open source software (under a BSD license)

Potluck is a Web user interface that lets casual users, those without programming skills and data modeling expertise, mash up data themselves. (From the research paper)

  • It allows the user to merge fields from different data sources, so that they are treated identically for sorting, filtering, and visualization. Fields are merged using simple drag and drop of field names.
  • It provides an efficient means for the user to clean up data syntactically, homogenize data formats, and extract fields syntactically embedded within existing fields, all through the application of simultaneous editing.
  • It supports faceted browsing to let users explore and identify subsets of data of interest or subsets of data that need alignment and clean up

Watch the screencast. We don’t have much Exhibit-powered pages to play with. I can’t think of any interesting mash up with Potluck (yet).

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