Penguins galore!

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I was not supporting that idea, but when I received an email from Linda Capper of British Antarctic Survey (BAS) a few days ago I was excited about the news and I am now really looking forward to watching their first ever live concert from Antarctic.

OK, so they’re not rock stars. But scientists with the British Antarctic Survey will guarantee Al Gore’s promise that the Live Earth concerts on July 7 will be performed on all 7 continents. They’ll be performing during the dead of winter at the Rothera Research Station. In fact, it’ll be the first time anyone outside the station has heard the indie rock-folk band, Nunatak, play at all. (Nunatak, by the way, is a Greenlandic word that means an exposed summit of a ridge mountain or peak within an ice field or glacier.) […] Gore personally reached out to the band, not that he had many alternatives. “We were invited by former Vice President Gore, who has followed our research for some years and knows us,” says BAS spokeswoman Linda Capper. Live Earth organizers did originally explore the idea of flying in performers, but quickly dropped that when told the continent is pretty much inaccessible during the winter.

Don’t forget that there are more hard working scientists in Antarctic. It would be great if they joined the gig via their satellite link.

Bryan Jones, whose photos I used in this post and previous one, has a great set of photos from his time working for BAS in Antarctica. Check them out.

In the surrounding Antarctica, commercial tourism, whaling, and politics which was reminded by the 25th anniversary of the end of Falklands War are still a bit concerned.

Oh, BTW, Al Gore’s plan to have a symbolic switch-off of lights across the UK during the Live Earth gig in London has been vetoed by the National Grid.

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