Neon Green Light Switch on Wall
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On Thursday June 21 – Midsummer’s Night – Lights Out London will take place between 9 and 10pm. Londoners and businesses are invited to turn off all lights and non-essential appliances between 9 and 10pm.

I will definitely take part in the event. Will you?

I will also check out the realtime electricity demand chart at the National Grid UK after the event. I hope they will release an official data as they support the event.

Do you remember Sydney’s Earth Hour?

On Saturday March 31 2007, more than 2 million Sydney residents took part in the event between 7:30 and 8:30pm and they observed impressive 10.2% drop in energy usage which represents a reduction of 24.86 tonnes of carbon dioxide – the equivalent of taking 48,613 cars off the road for an hour!


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