Google Experimental – timeline view

Google Experimental was one of announcements made on Google Searchology Day.

I am particularly interested in their experiment on timeline and map views.

Being a big fan of SIMLE project, I thought it would be interesting to see the search results in Timeline or even Exhibit if they added XML or JSON feeds of the search results with “view:timeline” or “view:map” option.

Beside the early experiment of UI, the search results are not what I expected either. For example, I searched for “Alan Johnston” and the results are ordered by dates in its content, but not the timestamp of the content. There are not much news items on recent his disappearance. So I guess they are intended as biography.

What I expected was more like search results at News Archive like this. Maybe it’s different context. Anyway I’d like to see a timeline slider added to its timeline view, too.

Timelined view of search results are not new. has had it for some time and powered by FAST enterprise search has a timeline slider to refine search results by date.

I also came across Tony Hirst’s Jörn Clausen’s live earthquake mashup which combines a SIMLE Timeline with Google map. Very nice. [via Tony Hirst]

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