The City
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  1. One in 10 web pages scrutinised by search giant Google contained malicious code that could infect a user’s PC.
  2. Fly-tipping (illegally dumping waste) and Bestselling US author Bill Bryson is the new president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.
  3. It’s a good idea to power island’s cars by locally produced coconut oil, but achieving the EU target 10% of all fuel in cars from biofuels by 2020 could have a severe environmental impact.
  4. Newly rich couples can afford to pay fines to have more than one child. China has about 1.3 billion people, 20% of the world’s total.
  5. London’s bendy buses can’t reverse!
  6. The UK consumes 80 per cent of European cod and one third of global stocks, most in batter with chips.
  7. New findings in how bats fly could help in the development of machines which fly by flapping.
  8. “A picture tells a thousand words, but a sound tells a thousand pictures.” Sounds bring Google Earth to life
  9. Poodle Milo helps epilepsy woman. 456,000 or one in every 131 people in the UK has epilepsy.
  10. Fasterfox Firefox add-on allows you to tweak many network and rendering settings.