Google Analytics MapOverlay
Originally uploaded by Lilly.

A few days ago Steve pointed me at New Google Analytics tour and I signed myself up to check out its user interface. Phil also pointed me at Jeffrey Veen’s post on his work, which led me to Avinash Kaushik’s comprehensive overview post.

It’s well worth checking out the user interface yourself. If you have a gmail account and want to try it out without setting it up, I am happy to give you an access to my reports for your “wow” experience. Please contact me from here.

I don’t mean to hack Google (thanks to Firebug), but they seem to have a sparkline webservice similar to Joe Gregorio’s. Jeffrey also had the sparkline in the Google Reader trends prototype.

I like the Map Overlay in the city level which looks like ClusterMaps, though the navigation is not like Google Map.

I am happy with the WordPress stats of my blog and I know they don’t allow to add any javascript to posts. Did you know that they have been running the Google Analytics for domain? Check out the source code of this page and search for ““.

BTW,’s April stats is impressive. Woulnd’t it be great if we could view their Google Analytics reports in addition to their own stats? is now a OpenID provider. I wish Google were a OpenID consumer and had the Access Manager of Google Analytics OpenID enabled.

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