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David Huynh of the MIT Simile project is to give a talk on Exhibit at WWW 2007! [via Simile blog]

There are many interesting talks during the 5 days conference. Tim Berners-Lee is there as plenary speaker, too!

How do people plan the days at a conference? Although I don’t go the conference I have checked the confabb. There are 5 entries of WWW2007, but it’s shame that none of them have sessions nor speakers information.

Check out the Exhibit conference program browser made by David using the WWW2007 program XML data set. Nice one.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could update your Google Calendar or Spreadsheet with your selected sessions?

While googling I came across Sweet Tools (Sem Web), an excellent example of Google Spreadsheet and Exhibit and a great post on Exhibit by Michael K. Bergman

Lastly I want to quote this (again) by David Huynh

So, small data sets are a big deal
if we make them
usefully browsable, readily RE-usable, and so easy to publish.

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