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  1. Failing to curb human-induced climate change would cost at least 5% of the global GDP each year. In contrast, the costs of action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change could be limited to about 1% of annual global GDP.
  2. Congrats to Green my Apple and Greenpeace who won the Webby Award in the activism category and took one step forward to their campaign.
  3. Motion-sensitive cell phone and laptop
  4. “$100 laptop” now costs $175 and it will be able to run Windows in addition to Linux.
  5. Modbury will be the first in Europe to be entirely free of plastic bags. Nearly 90% of floating marine litter is plastic.
  6. A bicycle is stolen every 71 seconds in England.
  7. Launching a single gram of ashes costs £248, while sending remains into deep space, a service which comes into effect from 2009 will cost up to £6,257.
  8. PS3 was born out of a frustration from a cancelled deal for Sony to create a CD-Rom drive for Nintendo. The “Father of the PlayStation“, Ken Kutaragi, is to retire.
  9. Rose, a goat married to a Sudanese man
  10. Don’t buy a dog on internet