Green car
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I finally saw a grass van. The car passed by slowly at a crossing on my way to work yesterday morning. Everyone looked and smiled at it. It was a peaceful moment in a rush hour in The City.

The Innocent, coincidentally, was in a news – starting a trial its kid’s drinks at 80 McDonald’s outlets.

Well, I think it’s not a bad idea. A health choice is good for kids, but a question is whether kids will chose it instead of a fizzy drink. It’s said it’s a trial and I don’t know how it is sold to encourage kids to try it out. I remember that Jamie Oliver had difficulties to get kids to eat his new menu at school in the beginning. It’s interesting to see some stats at the end of the trial.

The Innocent blog is one of my favourites. They, of course, communicated with their customers on this trial. There are many comments (good or bad) from passionate customers and they published a follow-up post next day. I am sure they will post more follow-ups and they will learn a lot from this trial. It’s good for them.