Ruby on Rails
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I have been checking the progress of JRuby since RailsConf Europe 2006. The time has come to try this out.

“Drop Rails into TomCat and it just works” – Ola Bini

“JRuby is ready for prime time. Application developers should try their applications on JRuby NOW” – Ola Bini

I had a minor problem with its installation, but I’m impressed very much when I’ve got JRuby-0.9.9, Rails-1.2.3, Tomcat-5.5.9 and PKI framework at work working together nicely. A big thank you to the JRuby team.

The problem I had was nothing to do with JRuby, but Subversion. I could not checkout the rails-integration at work since the svn protocol was blocked (“Unknown hostname ‘'” error) and RubyForge did not allow the checkout over http (405 Method Not Allowed error). When I tried it on a work laptop at home, it still did not work ( Can’t connect to hose ‘’: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or …). In the end I had to disable a firewall software. Hope this saves someone else’s time.

I am really looking forward to JRuby 1.0. It’s a very exciting time.

I can’t go RailsConf 2007, but I want a JRuby T-Shirt!

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