British History Timeline
Originally uploaded by Lilly.

BBC has huge news archives and many interesting Timeline pages:

More here. They are all static HTML pages. However, they made great effort to visualize/mashup some of them using Flash.

I hope BBC “Open Data” under Creative Common licenses soon.

It would be very handy if the data were available in XML. Microformats (hCalendar) could be used to describe each timeline event. Then, Microformats parser in Yahoo! Pipe would become really useful.

Yahoo! Pipes has a cross-domain policy file. You can use Yahoo! Pipes with RSS or JSON output. Then BBC’s Timeline data could be visualized in SIMILE Exhibit, even in your own Flash.

Yahoo! Pipes is so exciting.

While googling I came across Matthew Somerville who has done a fantastic job on BBC News Archives. He uses SIMILE Timeline in BBC News Story Timeline. I hope he will try SIMILE Exhibit one day.

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