North love! / L’amour du Nord!
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  1. Folding@Home on the PS3 – a network of just 10,000 PS3s would have as much power as a 200,000-strong network of personal computers.
  2. Nintendo Wii requires only 18 watts while PS3 uses 193 watts, Xbos uses 185 watss and an average PC uses 200 watts.
  3. Eventually Iris (Internet Router Protocol in Space) could extend the net into space, allowing data to flow directly between satellites, rather than sending it via ground stations.
  4. Laying chips vertically, instead of side by side, reduces the distance data has to travel by 1,000 times, making the chips faster and more efficient.
  5. Apple’s next-generation mouse may dump scroll ball for touch-sensitive housing.
  6. The Millau Viaduct, designed by Foster and Partners, is the tallest vehicular bridge in the world – slightly taller than the Eiffel Tower.
  7. YOYOW is a storied example of Internet slang, an acronymn for “You Own Your Own Words”, coined by Stewart Brand when he launched The WELL. [via JP]
  8. Aquasaurs (or Triops Longicaudatus) have existed for more than 350 million years. They’re even older than dinosaurs! Aquasaur eggs can lie dormant for up to 25 years. [via Jay]
  9. Super Jam, sugar free, sweetened with grape juice. Sounds delicious. [via Innocent]
  10. A teaspoon of sugar to cure hicuups