Elastic Lists by Moritz Stefaner
Originally uploaded by Lilly.

Moritz Stefaner, a User Interface Design researcher at the University of Potsdam, has created a great UI browsing multi-facetted data structures, called the ‘elastic lists’. It’s brilliant. Check the online demo.

Elastic lists enhance traditional facet browsing approaches by
• visualizing relative proportions (weights) of metadata values by size
• visualizing unusualness of a metadata weight by brightness
• and animated filtering transitions.

You can also switch on little sparklines to see the temporal distribution of each metadata value. I like that.

This is written in Flash. Compare this with Simile Exhibit, the similar nobel prize winners demo, which is written in only Javascript.

He also created the Elastic Tag Maps, which is one of the most interesting tags visualization I’ve ever seen. He analysed the problems with the popular static tag clouds and developed a mapping algorithm to analyse and display tag structures based on how tags occur together, “relatedness” and “freshness”. Check the online demo.

via inforthetics

P.S. I have found a great in-depth comparison of Swivel and Many Eyes from his comment to his own post.