I love Flickr
Originally uploaded by jodi_tripp.

I heart Flickr and Flickr users in particular who are most creative and inspirational.

I have been using the “blog this” feature to add one of my favourite photos to most of my blog posts adding visual accent to them. I used 45 photos since I started this blog. I thank very much to all of those photographers for sharing your lovely photos.

However, I have learnt that even if the “blog this” button is available I should have asked for an appropriate permission to use their photo if its copyright is “all right reserved”. I have realised that some of photo I used fall into this.

Then I wonder whether they are notified when I used the “blog this” for their photo. I think it would be nicer if I can add a comment to the photo in the blog this photo page as well as the blog post itself. It would be even nicer if a trackbak or ping is added to the comment of the photo when the photo was blogged or linked.

Anyway, I have left a “thank you” comment to all photos I have used. I hope they are okay with their photos being shared in my blog posts.

P.S. It was interesting that after I posted some 20 comments Flickr warned me:

You’re posting a lot of comments! To make sure you’re a nice, well-behaved human and not a spammy bot, please enter the text ‘xxxxxxx’ in the box below.