North Sydney @ Earth Hour
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  1. Well done Sydney! Lights were turned out across Sydney for “Earth Hour” to raise awareness of global warming.
  2. A new type of material could allow solar cells to harvest far more light.
  3. The Wikipediaspaghetti tree is believed to be the first time television was used to stage an April Fool’s hoax. Google really takes April 1st seriously. Imagine how they enjoy making them. Actually I think sharing Olympics with Paris is a good idea. More great yearly tradition here.
  4. The WikipediaTARDIS, Time And Relative Dimension In Space, is a time machine and spacecraft in Doctor Who. The new series started this weekend.
  5. WikipediaCycling Proficiency Test and Bikeability. I scored 8 out of 10 on the cycling quiz.
  6. Fewer songbirds visited UK gardens this winter than last year. I’ve actually seen fewer in my garden.
  7. Toby is a amazing dog. He saved his owner with WikipediaHeimlich manoeuvre – a technique for helping someone who is choking.
  8. Gromit stands in for Nipper. WikipediaNipper first appeared on an HMV record label in 1907.
  9. Rick Stein’s much loved Chalky lived to seventeen. I miss him.
  10. The Apollo 10 lunar module was nicknamed WikipediaSnoopy” and the command module “Charlie Brown”. Snoopy, a 5-month-old jack russell, is a Lilly’s new friend.