verre van af
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I have already tumbled 12 stuff. I might need to search my stuff one day.

Tumblr is simple, but very flexible. The Litewire theme displays the description at the sidebar. So, I have created a search engine at Google Co-op and added its gadget to the tumblr’s description using the HTML source editor. The gadget is not displayed in the text rich editor. Never mind. Now I can search my scrapbook from the sidebar, e.g. FOWA, Mar 24th.

Do you use Google Reader? And ever wanted to search on your subscribed blogs? Try this if you haven’t. I’ve found it useful from time to time.

I have also added “Tumblroll”, a blogroll of tumblelog, to the sidebar.

Update: I have claimed my tumblr blog at Technorati and added its search widget.

Update 2: I have replaced the gadget/widget with links as not only do they not show up on the sidebar, but also an entire blog page is blank in IE.