Power of Three
Originally uploaded by hale_popoki.

I wrote my first Rails app almost a year ago. I wrote several small apps at work using RadRails eclipse plug-in, some of which are still being used. I even attended the first European RailsConf 2006 in London, which I really enjoyed.

There were new releases in Eclipse and Rails last few months, so I decided to update my Rails development environment. I followed Yehuda Katz’s great post, My Preferred Rails Development Environment.

Then, I learnt that RadRails stopped development, but Aptana came to the rescue. Here is Aptana’s RadRails integration roadmap. I really look forward to this development.

Aptana is a cross-platform open-source javascript-focused IDE for Ajax Development. I came across Aptana last summer and tried it with RadRails, but I continued using Eclipse+RadRails.

Aptana has made steady progress since then and the next release will have Firebug integration. I have been using Firebug for some time and found it very useful. This is one of must-have add-ons for Firefox.