Another good post on why should blog by Joshua Porter. I particularly like “Everything is beta” piece.

Benny the Beta
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My theory for Bokardo is that everything is beta. That lets me stop worrying about publishing end-all, be-all pieces that set the world on fire. If my blog is my beta (the blog itself is not beta…it’s the thoughts that are beta), then it becomes a place for trying out ideas and refining them. After I do that, I’ll republish the best ideas somewhere else…in a talk I give or in a UIEtips article or an article in an online magazine. Some posts will rise to the top and have lasting power, like my piece on the Lesson, but the vast majority don’t. So don’t worry if your writing is beta…that’s perfectly OK.

I think I spent too much time writing some posts in the past. I will try to write more “beta” posts instead of trying to make them perfect. I will try to post often and use comments or another posts to refine my points.

I have also recalled Stevey’s Drunken Blog Rants from Phil on the same topic and read it again.

I have added the “top posts” sidebar widget back as per Joshua’s advice.