We Love WordPress
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WordPress.com has become another OpenID provider. This is Simon Willison’s excellent job. OpenID was one of hot topics at the Future of Web Apps. You can find his talk on OpenID here.

It’s great and makes sense to have my blog URL as OpenID as content publisher. I really hope the WordPress.com will become a OpenID consumer in the near future. They added the Digg feature to invite more readers. They now need to accept external OpenIDs to allow readers to make more comments easier.

I also hope online newspaper sites to become OpenID consumers. Who will be the first? NY Times or Guradian?

BTW, today I get an error message when I tried to sign in ma.gnolia

Unable to find openid server for “https://kiyo.wordpress.com/

I hope it’s just a glitch or removed temporarily for maintenance, but when I viewed source codes of my blog home page, I can’t find “openid.server” tag.

<link rel=”openid.server” href=”http://…&#8230;..” />

Never mind. I can still log in using another OpenID as I can associate more than one OpenID with my ma.gnolia account. Nice!

Update: This is now fixed by WordPress.