ASIMO enjoy the cherry blossoms
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I was not excited as much as Phil when I saw Dexter walking because I know nothing about robotics.

From Awesom-o’ post:

Dexter’s walking abilities are definitely extraordinary but the company’s claims that this is the first dynamically balanced robot are a bit exaggerated. All legged robots are dynamically balanced including for example Honda’s ASIMO. They just happen to use a different balancing algorithm and mechanics. In fact, one of Dexter’s most interesting aspects is the use of pneumatic actuators instead of electric motors used in most humanoid robots. Dexter is also claimed to learn how to walk using machine learning which is no small achievement in itself.

It’s still a long way before they walk like we do. ASIMO’s legs are not straight. The knee is always bent at an angle.

How much power does Dexter need? ASIMO carries a 6kg 51.8v lithium ion battery battery backpack for an hour operation on a four hour charge.

Poor little ASIMO fell over from the stairs at a show. I will be very excited when a two-legged robot like these has become being able to stand up itself after it falls down.

I admire Honda who continues making our dreams come true (ASIMO 1986-2006). I did not know Sony scrapped Qrio and Aibo project. I still enjoy dancing Qrio’s.

I like one scene in Honda’s new TV ad with ASIMO where he says hello to his look-alike astronaut in a museum.

I am sure ASIMO welcomes cousin Dexter and want to meet and say hello to him, too.