Eclipse at the Lighthouse
Originally uploaded by imagonovus.

  1. What makes the eclipsed moon turn red? The answer lies inside Earth’s shadow.
  2. ASIMO is an acronym for “Advanced Step in Innovative MObility”.
  3. Honda 2007 F1, My Earth Dream, go for green with logo-free car to raise awareness of environmental issue.
  4. European mobile groups study 2D barcodes. QR Codes are already popular in Japan.
  5. OLPC (new website!), One Laptop Per Child, has a browser based on Xulrunner, the basis for the forthcoming Firefox 3.
  6. Firexfox 3.0 may include support for OpenID and Apache 2 has mod_auth_openid.
  7. Buildings account for about 50% of the UK’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. You could knock 30% of the carbon load out of building industry relatively easy.
  8. Dogs can get your money out and can do more.
  9. When you start work at Google, you get to choose whether you want a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.
  10. WiiLi, a GNU/Linux port for the Nintendo Wii.