My FireFox

I love Firefox so much. However, I held off upgrading to Firefox 2 until yesterday
because I did not like the new tabs scrolling feature and the tab close icon on every tab.

Although I knew I can scroll tabs by the mousewheel and I can even modify the tab scrolling, they were not still what I wanted.

I love Wikipediafavicon, too.

After a quick googling around, I came across the FaviconizeTab extention that allows you to shrink a tab down to just the favicon. You can toggle the tab’s display by clicking on the tab. You can specify urls to faviconize always. And, did you know you can close tab by middle-click on tab?

Actually it’s even better with the PermaTab extention that prevents tabs from closed by accident. And, another keyboard shortcut, did you know you can re-open recently closed tab by ctrl+shift+T?

Even now I can have more tabs before they scroll, it’d be perfect if I could “freeze” permanent tabs on the tab bar. But, I don’t need it if I make first 8 tabs permanent I can jump to them by ctrl+number. BTW, ctrl+9 is to select the last tab.

I also save some space in the bookmarks toolbar by removing name of the bookmark in its properties.

One last cool mouse shortcut for tabs browsing. Middle-click on link (or favicon in the bookmarks bar) is to open it in new tab.

I love Firefox because of its better usability and lots of cool add-ons developed by Firefox fans.