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  1. Watercress joins Wikipediasuperfoods – Eating watercress regularly could help cut the chances of developing cancer. A bonus fact – eating a bag of watercress is said to be a good cure for a hang-over.
  2. Dutch children have been rated the most fortunate children in Europe. UK and USA at the bottom. Japan did not have sufficient data to be included in the overview ranking, but the report said it’s significant that 30% of young people in Japan ‘feel lonley’.
  3. WikipediaBOGOF is an acronym of Buy one, get one free, “Spending to Save” sales promotion, which iceland claim to have invented.
  4. Deaf people could soon be using video mobiles to chat with their friends using sign language.
  5. Zink, ‘zero ink printing’, is a spin-out from Polaroid’s research labs (via)
  6. OpenDNS uses its distributed network of DNS servers to speed up your Internet experience, increase reliability, improve security and make DNS smarter for users all over the world.
  7. Linux crontab – “*/2” – every two hours, “9-17/2” is the same as “9,11,13,15,17” and other usefuk time nicknames like @reboot.
  8. 80 cores Teraflop chip, but we don’t know how to harness the power yet.
  9. WikipediaTera means “monster” in Greek.
  10. RFID Powder measuring 0.05 x 0.05 mm developed by Hitachi.