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Live Earth is a series of concerts planned for WikipediaJuly 7, 2007 (7/7/07) to raise awareness of global climate change.

SOS, Save Our Selves is designed to trigger a mass-scale movement to combat our climate crisis.

SOS hope that Live Earth will become the model for carbon neutral concerts and other live entertainment events in the future.

  • All electricity that powers the shows will be from renewable sources, either through utility supplied renewable energy, biodiesel generators, or renewable energy credits.
  • Concessionaires will be encouraged to use and directed to suppliers of agricultural / biodegradable plastics (i.e. made from corn). Also, concessionaire waste will be minimized through a comprehensive recycling system organized at the venue.
  • Venue offices, walkways, etc will be retrofitted with compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, where possible.
  • The entire production design will follow sustainable light design principles. Production lighting will include the use of LED light bulbs and production/artist trailers will be incorporate low impact technology in areas such as air conditioning units.
  • SOS staff and artist air travel will be offset through carbon credits.
  • Ground travel will be hybrid or other clean fuel where possible.
  • Hotels will be directed to change light bulbs to CFLs, use nontoxic cleaning products, and have recycling containers present in the rooms.

All right. How about audience? I am sure people who really care about the climate change will make an effort to make them carbon neutral.

However, the organizer even plans to stage the first-ever rock concert on Antarctica! Don’t be so ridiculous! Don’t bother making it carbon neutral. Just leave Antarctica well alone!

“We have to get the message of urgency and hope out,”

Mr Gore said. Why not air “An Inconvenient Truth” on that day? 2 billion people will watch it, right? People are still searching for the free film even after it’s removed from YouTube.

For those who are interested in the film, there is a set of the graphical images in the film. (via Infosthertics)

BTW, the website is another wordpress site like Ford Mortor’s. Check the url (not using pretty permlinks) and the page source code if you need.