Screenshot of Times Online Redesign
Originally uploaded by gruber.

Have you checked the new (and improved?) lime-green TimesOnline? I have no problem with the new design. However, they got it all wrong with RSS feed, which I can’t stand. I am sure they have been working very hard to fix problems, but here are my suggestions.

  1. Use the standard feed icon. I could not find the feed at first glance.
  2. Validate the feeds before publishing. They do not validate.
  3. Use meaningful titles and descriptions. All feeds have the same title and the description “TimesOnline:rss”.
  4. Use the feed audo-discovery – losing out FireFox, IE7 and other tools feature.
  5. Make the feeds look pretty in a browser. Check out BBC or Telegraph.
  6. Use the article’s headline and summary as the feed item’s title and description. They are slightly different and most of the description are cut short.
  7. You may find Yahoo’s Publisher’s Guide to RSS or Mucrosoft’s Windows RSS Publisher’s Guide useful.

I found the new design last Sunday when I was writing a post. When I tried to link this article (Too tired to work? Then have a snooze), the article was not found and it was redirected to the home page. Tried the search, but it did not work last Sunday. The search is now working and I’ve found the article in the complete different url. This means that all or most of old bookmarked links are broken. Bad. Very bad.