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  1. Paris is known as Wikipedia‘The City of Light’ (La Ville-lumière), owing to its early adoption of street-lighting.
  2. ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle) – the world’s first purpose-built hydrogen-powered motorbike for £6,000. Cool, but still too expensive.
  3. Gherkin sold for £600m. Now Canary Wharf may be sold for £1bn. Is it a beginning of the end of commercial property bubble?
  4. More than 80,000 sound and video recordings of animals now available to public online. Interesting, but the website is very slow. [via]
  5. 1994/95: Two combined heat and power plants (CHP) installed at Buckingham Palace to generate electricity and improve energy efficiency in heating hot water. The use of this technology was just being introduced into office and residential buildings.
  6. The UK has become only the seventh nation in the world to have more than two gigawatts (GW) of operational wind power capacity. The top is Germany at more than 20 GW.
  7. Brain scan ‘can read your mind’ – “send email” simply by thinking them?
  8. “Why not a siesta at work? The question must not be taboo”, French health minister seeks nap study. The Government hopes that French workers, who are among the world’s most productive during their hours on the job, will become even more efficient. I found that a bit funny.
  9. More than one million people have signed an online petition against plans to introduce road charging in the UK.
  10. I’ve been dugg first time.