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  1. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has concluded that it is 90% certain that global warming is caused by human activity and not by natural cycles. This is no longer something we can stop. We’re just going to have to live with it. But, we can still avoid the worst. Now it all depends on us.
  2. The Prince of Wales cancelled a skiing trip to Switzerland in an effort to reduce his “carbon footprint” after hypocrisy row.
  3. Via Ryan Carson, “Take control by doing what you want to do, before responding to what others want you to do.” Very good point.
  4. Genuine Progress Indicator(GPI), What’s wrong with the GDP?, The Inglehart Values Map All via Tara Hunt
  5. Widgetbait and specification for widgets by W3C
  6. Innocent’s new breakfast thickie in echo bottle. Yet to try it myself (tasting and composting)
  7. The word tuna comes from a Greek word meaning “to rush”. Bluefin tuna are warm-blooded fish. Via Meet the amazing Atlantic bluefin tuna
  8. Aeroscraft – Flying Luxury Hotel. Via Metro
  9. I like this. “A toaster that brings life and joy to a stagnant domestic appliance, and iconic object for the home.”
  10. I’ve been splogged! Found it at Technorati. Check the recent inbound links there. They copied this entirely.