bill please
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I had a nice lunch with the team at work today to celebrate Rob’s birthday. As we started a bit late and it took time to find a place to eat for 8 people, we needed to rush a bit to pay the bill at the end. When we got a waiter’s attention, two of us drew a little scribble in the air for the bill.

I thought it was interesting that it’s a Wikipediauniversal sign for requesting for payment even we pay in cash or we no longer sign a credit card receipt, but we enter a Wikipedia4-digit PIN number these days. I joked that the “bill please” sign could be pushing 4 buttons by the index finger in the air.

However, like a floppy disk image as the icon for saving, which will remain even after floppy disks disappeared, the little scribble sign will remain and will be used by those young who never sign a credit card receipt.