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IBM Visual Communication Lab has announced Many Eyes to “democratize” visualization and to enable a new social kind of data analysis, which seems to be similar to Swivel.

You may check other blog posts. The Swivel team liked it, too. 

They have more visualization options than Swivel. I like Map, Bubble Chart, Scatterplot, Network Diagram (TouchGraph alike) and Treemap. Great! Are they using prefuse toolkit?

The Swivel and Many Eyes allow anyone to upload and modify data sets. It sounds great, but it all comes down to data quality in the end. If you found the same data sets in them, which one do you use (trust) ?

The data should be kept close with the authority and ideally the data are Wikipediafreely available to everyone online in common data format like CSV.

It would be more powerful if they could take data directly from remote sources via http.

However, holding reference of the data on their sites makes it easier for us to explore popular data or obscure data.

The data visualization can be offered as a service or even as Widgets. WikipediaSaaS and Widgets are related in some way. Organizations can offer data or services that you can combine into your web pages.

BTW, I did not know that TouchGraph was re-launched with consulting services. Is Data Visualization a trend of 2007?