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  1. iPhone started as a tablet PC and Apple kept it a secret for nearly two-and-a-half years of development.
  2. Habari is a new PHP5, object-oriented, database independent blog project. WordPress was based upon B-2, via Move over WordPress, here comes Habari
  3. WikipediaKansai International Airport, an international airport located on a ‘sinking’ artificial island in Osaka, Japan will open the second runway this summer.
  4. WikipediaThe Rhubarb Triangle (via BBC breakfast). Is WikipediaRhubarb a vegetable or a fruit? I have never eaten it.
  5. Fast-growing weeds have evolved over a few generations to adapt to climate change, which could signal the start of an “evolution explosion” in response to global warming.
  6. Planting forests to combat global warming may be a waste of time, especially if those trees are at high latitudes.
  7. $100 laptop could sell to public. Check out OLPC Sugar UI demo. I agree with Harry. Who is it really for?
  8. WikipediaIwao Takamoto, the US animator who created cartoon WikipediaScooby-Doo, has died aged 81.
  9. Trusting your instincts may help you to make better decisions than thinking hard. This reminds me to read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
  10. The smallest national football league in the world, with two clubs, sharing a ground, playing each other sixteen times a season and compete for two cups as well as the league title, in WikipediaScilly, where I would like to go one day.