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One of the popular blogging subjects last few days is A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods.

I have really enjoyed browsing the table. There are familiar visualization methods by tools I have looked at recently like Graphviz, TouchGraph, Treemap, FreeMind and Timeline.

When I think about data and information visualization, I am still excited about Gapminder.

We have many visualization tools, but we don’t have much internet data archive to share. You may think of Dabble DB or Google Docs & Spreadsheet.

TechCrunch reviewed Swivelthat describes themselves as “YouTube for Data” a month ago. Like other people, while I liked the idea, I was not sure how it was going to be useful.

However, after seeing Gapminder, I am more excited about Swivel where people explore, compare, share and upload data. The most interesting feature for me is to compare all kinds of data in a single graph for correlation analysis. Check out some graphs there.

Google’s Gapminder tool is excellent, but you can’t play with it your own data or data someone else uploaded (yet?).

It’s also interesting that Swivel has a sparkline option as a graph for sharing

Notably they have changed the licence of the public data in Swivel to the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 quickly after the launch.