Fog covered wood
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  1. A human-powered bus – like the Flintstones‘ car 🙂
  2. Tango, electric commuter car, ultra-narrow, freeway-capable, stable, safe vehicle that fits anywhere a motorcycle fits.
  3. Potenco, pull-string portable power generator, for a minute of exercise, outputs enough electric power for several hours. It’s been selected for the power source of the One Laptop Per Child project.
  4. Coal fires are delivering around 3% of worldwide carbon dioxide pollution, maybe even more. Via a comment from China’s Coal Future
  5. Australia warming faster than world, but the government, which has maintained its opposition to the Kyoto protocol, is still not doing nearly enough on the environment.
  6. Bird flu remains a global threat. The next pandemic, if it occurs, will be very devastating, especially in Africa.
  7. A Japanese astronaut had a Cup Noodle on the space shuttle Discovery in 2005. My favourite was a curry flavour.
  8. Sinking ice – made from heavy water, which is used as a moderator in certain nuclear reactors.
  9. The MIME media type for JSON is application/json.
  10. I subscribe to 315 feeds, over the last 30 days I read 6,843 items, starred 58 items, and shared 0 items according to Google Reader Trend.