Dear Mother Earth
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An Inconvenient Truth is now posted to YouTube in nine 10-minute installments [via Jeff at sustainablog].

[Update: They have been removed for an obvious reason]

I don’t link all here as YouTube shows them in the related videos list. This is being spread among environment bloggers. I thought I ought to spread this a little.

They were posted on November 9, 2006. I don’t think this is an official release. I heard many negative reviews of the film, but just watch it (again) before deleted. You will agree with Michael who argued Al Gore should make the film available for free as an educational campaign on global warming.

At the end of 2006, climate change still remains a controversial issue with arguments from both sides. BBC has an excellent review of Climate 2006 “Rhetoric up, action down“. A quote from Britain’s Environment Secretary David Miliband sums it up quite well, “The gap between what the science tells us is necessary and what the politics is delivering is still signficant.”

Also worth mentioning, the Scientists have discovered that an enormous ice shelf broke off an island in the Canadian Arctic last year, in what could be sign of global warming. How many more evidence do we need to take environmental political actions to save the mother earth?

Don’t forget to read deestea’s essay of the above photo: “You are so big, round and voluptuous. Maybe it’s Your size that gives we humans the illusion that we can ravish You without any repercussions. …”.

By the way, Al Gore used Apple’s Keynote on his PowerBook for his presentation. Unfortunately Apple products still contain toxic chemicals and
they are ranked at the bottom of the latest Greenpeace’s Green Electronics Guide. The iconic Apple store on 5th Avenue in New York is bathed in green light to highlight that Apple should go green.