Menu for Hope
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The Menu for Hope started back in February 2005 as fundraising campaign for UNICEF to support the victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. The Menu for Hope II last year raised $17,101.32 for UNICEF to support the victims of the Kashmir earthquake. They came up with a very simple and great idea – online raffle tickets for prizes donated by participating food bloggers.

This year, Menu for Hope III came back bigger than ever. Check the list of participating bloggers and their prizes (it’s now closed). It raised $58,256.70 to support the UN World Food Programme, which provides hunger relief for needy people worldwide.

This campaign has been organized by Pim and participated by hundreds of food bloggers across the world. They didn’t look for publicity. They didn’t do any PR. All they did was posting about the campaign on their blogs.

Viv, one of the fundraisers, has an excellent writing:

Community. It is such a beautiful word. A term that never fails to evoke a feeling of fellowship, kinship, similarity, it speaks of everything that is intrinsically natural, good and unifying in our human experience.

We all belong to communities around the world, big and small. We rejoice in their achievements and celebrate their accomplishments, we pride ourselves in being a part of them and look for ways of furthering our participation and role in them.

And when catastrophe afflicts our brothers and sisters in communities outside of our own, no matter how far removed, as members of one global neighborhood, we are moved, we empathize, we grieve, we want to help.

I did not know Pim and the Menu for Hope campaign until I read my blog backlog during Christmas holidays. I discovered Pim via Intel Blogger Challenge where she has a great last post on Technology brings people together.

I have been a tech-oriented blog reader and reading some about design and environment recently. But, I started getting fed up with fear and loathing postsin tech blogosphere. There are thousands of bloggers who are passionate about food. Their blogs are more fun to read and have yummy photos. I have subscribed some and look forward to finding something new and interesting for my life.