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Happy Holidays!

  1. Electric sports car (video)- Superb!
  2. Paris Syndrome – the psychological damage experienced by Japanese tourists shocked by the rudeness of Parisians. WTF? I love Paris. Maybe I’ve lived in London too long.
  3. Parthenogenesis has been described before in about 70 species of vertebrates, even turkey. via ‘Virgin births’ for giant lizards (Komodo dragons)
  4. A two-headed reptile has been found in fossil form in China. More than 400 two-headed snakes have been recorded.
  5. Linkbait – via ProBlogger’s Times wins linkbater of the Year AwardMattCutts on linkbait
  6. Auto-Dimming Mirror – it automatically dims at the glare of oncoming lights from the rear and it shows you exactly what’s behind you at reverse gear. I want one. via Gizmodo
  7. Fance Telecom is one of the main investors behind Jabber Inc. and Orange is already running XMPP servers. via a comment from GiaOM’s Forget iPhone, Think Google Phone
  8. Hyperlinking Reality via Phones – Nokia researchers are working on a system that allows physical objects to be identified and connected to the Internet through mobile-phone screens. Hmm, any connection with Google Phone?
  9. Spring” represents a fresh start after the “winter” of traditional J2EE. Do you use Spring Framework?
  10. Google “the answer to life, the universe, and everything” (without the quote marks) returns 42