Yahoo! announced the new Yahoo! TV on their own blog post a few weeks ago and got trashed by users. Jeremy Zawodny has a summary of negative feedback in blogosphere.

Some of feedback in the comments to the post were complaints about Yahoo! not providing a feedback link at the home page.

When I drafted this post a few days ago, I was going to say that Yahoo! TV should had a feedback link like one Yahoo! Autos has. It was introduced in August and I really liked its concept. They came up with the idea in Yahoo! Hack Day in April. I actually wrote a similar small webapp in Ruby On Rails at work. I was inspired by The Robot Co-op’s feedback/ideas. The URL has suggested that the webapp could be used by any other Yahoo products and they have done it!

When I checked Yahoo! TV again today before publishing this post, I’ve found that they’ve finally got a suggestions link at the bottom of the home page. The suggestions page has a different URL from Autos’, but they are the same webapp and interestingly if you change the URL to, you get to the Autos’ suggestions page. So I expect Yahoo! will add more suggestions links to other products soon. I predict will become a home of suggestions by Yahoo! users.

I’ve also found it interesting that the Yahoo! TV’s suggestions page has a link to Yahoo! TV Blog at Yahoo! 360 (product blog). The new Yahoo! TV was announced there a week before it was on Yodel Anecdotal (corporate blog). Yahoo! TV home page (still) does not have a link to either blog (intentionally?). Only people who have subscribed to the blog feeds knew the posts and were able to post their comments. (they accept comments, which are good.) The both blogs have not announced the suggestions link yet.

UPDATE: The suggestions link was announced in the blog post on 15th December.