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  1. Sinterklaas – a holiday tradition in the Netherlands and Belgium celebrated every year on Saint Nicholas’ eve December 5 and an origon of Santa Claus. via Scobleizer
  2. Honeybees might one day join the front line of national security to detect bombs
  3. Shard of Grass – The London Bridge Tower will be Europe’s tallest building, at 305 metres – or 66 storeys, in 2010
  4. Water ‘flowed recently’ on Mars – It’s one more reason to think that life could be there
  5. Every year there are as many as 40 tornadoes across the UK – one hit London. More extream weather to come?
  6. Left-handers ‘think’ more quickly and use both sides of the brain for language
  7. NASA plans permanent base on the moon by 2024 – Why the Moon? Earth should be at the top priority?
  8. Solar cell has broken the 40 per cent efficiency barrier for the first time
  9. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System – Intel will build the country’s first “green building” in Israel
  10. U.S. Patent 223,898 – Thomas Edison’s Incandescent Lamp – to be auctioned at Christies