I am delighted to see quietrevolution wind turbines and Smart cars in a picture of “House of the Future” in thelondonpaper. The picture is what the average semi-detached house will look like in a 2106. This is a study from Zurich UK.

Hmm, but in 100 years? I will second a comment from Simon Reddy of Greepeace. We should be reducing the energy demands of existing buildings rather than wait 100 years. Arup, the designer of house of the future, predicts its design will become the norm with stamp duty exempt on green homes. I don’t think so. It’s still too expensive to install these technologies. Chancellor Gordon Brown’s announcement that he wants all new houses built by 2016 (in 10 years!) to be “zero-carbon” appeared to take the industry and other government departments by surprise.

I am also disappointed that Micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) is not mentioned at all in the study.

I am the proud owner of Smart ForTwo, on which more later.