Mystic Mood
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  1. Houses and shops were built on the old London Bridge
  2. Apache Labs – Apache Software Foundation experimenting with new ideas. SIMILE Timeline widget at the front page.
  3. England smoke ban to start 1 July – I can’t wait
  4. Stephen Hawking says humans must colonise other planets and wants to try out space travel himself.
  5. French cuisine in space – much better than this
  6. Single asteroid about 6 miles (10 km) wide hurtled to Earth 65.5 million years ago wiped out dinosaurs
  7. Voluntary code for blogs ‘needed’ – wtf!?
  8. IE6 and IE7 Running on a Single Machine using Virtual PC 2004, via IEBlog
  9. We may be reaching a tipping point where the world moves from deforestation towards restoration
  10. Hand-Powered OLPC – an external manual generetor recharges the battery enough for 10 miniutes of use for every minute of exertion, via The New York Times