It’s almost 2 months since I started this personal blog. I wrote about what I liked and anything inspired me and have been enjoying myself so far.

When I started this blog I had one thing in my mind – blog regularly. It could have been done with short linklog posts by’s daily blog posting, but I hope I have been doing it alright with weekly 10 things I didn’t know last week posts inspired by the BBC. I use Google Notebook. I have installed the browser extention and keep collecting information as you surf the web. It’s very handy. When I write a 10 things post, I browse Flickr’s most interesting photos last week and pick one for it.

Do you like linklogs like mine?

As you may have read, Tim Berners-Lee corrected The Guardian article suggesting he did not like blogging.

The way quality works on the web is through links. It works because reputable writers make links to things they consider reputable sources. So readers, when they find something distasteful or unreliable, don’t just hit the back button once, they hit it twice.They remember not to follow links again through the page which took them there. One’s chosen starting page, and a nurtured set of bookmarks, are the entrance points, then, to a selected subweb of information which one is generally inclined to trust and find valuable.

Tim also said in his post:

Blogs provide a gently evolving network of pointers of interest.

I hope my blog is a part of the network.

Lastly, paying tribute to the Acidman, I’d like to quote from his post:

I do like the idea of LINKERS and THINKERS on blogs. You have the godfather as the ultimate linker and he who thinks too much as the ultimate thinker. In between you have the STINKERS, like me. To tell you the truth, I like the stinkers best. We link, we think, but we really don’t give a shit what you smell when you visit.