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I came down with possibly the worst cold I have ever had last week. I haven’t fully recovered yet. So I haven’t got 10 things, but only 7 last week.

  1. Motofone uses Electronic Paper DisplayConnecting the Unconnected. Less is more like Wii.
  2. Wiimote gets grip – fanciful controller by JoyTech Nice one!
  3. Sandboxing JavaScript Using <iframe> – could be a useful hack for my work in future.
  4. Polonium-210everyone hasa small amount of in their body. It is also present in tobacco. Is it printed in the box? I don’t smoke.
  5. Book of Life” the human genetic map fills in the gaps – Humans are less alike than thought.
  6. George W. Bush on new $1 coin in 2017 if he died – who wants this? via Reuters
  7. Acai – the world’s richest natural source of antioxidants – one of ingredients of natural detoxInnocent superfood smoothies