Foggy Day.

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  1. 1st of November is Sushi Day
  2. Hackney carriage(aka black cabs) – The name hackney derives not from the borough of Hackney in London, but from the French word haquenée (an ambling horse or hack) referring to the horses which pulled the original carriages. The word hackney came subsequently to denote “for hire”.
  3. Green Wifi is hoping to bring solar wireless to people in the developing world, a notion meant to dovetail with the $100 laptop. [via Treehunnger]
  4. First look at the One Laptop Per Child – as an e-Book reader and interesting software components list
  5. A great TED video podcast by Nicholas Negroponte, former Director of the MIT Media Lab and founder of the OLPC.
  6. Carbon Neutral: Oxford Word of the Year 2006 – one of runners-up, elbow bump (a greeting in which two people touch elbows, recommended by the World Health Organization as an alternative to the handshake in order to reduce the spread of germs.) Why not bowing instead?
  7. Micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) – it heats and generates electrical power, but does not come cheap yet.
  8. Wireless power – When energy is applied to non-radiative “long-lived resonances” it remains bound to them, rather than escaping to space. “Tails” of energy, which can be many metres long, flicker over the surface.
  9. “Making Life Easy” World Usability Day 2006 – very interesting. Will check this more later. Events across the world. Timeline could be used to view events by hour.
  10. Avocado is toxic to dogs – My dog snitched some and vomited next day. Oh no, grapes, one of her favourites, can be toxic, too!