Confabb is a new service that offers a centralized place to find information about all kinds of conferences. It’s already covered by TechCrunch and Scoble. Dave Winer is an investor in it.

As Dave said, my first reaction was “why no one has done this before!”. This is the first cut and more functions (feed, tagging, RSVP and calendaring) are comming soon. It’s very exciting.

In fact, most of the conference websites have the same format and major differences are style and the its own domain name. It has over 16000 conferences registered. Most of them have the only basic entry info like a link to their website, but no sessions and speakers yet. I don’t think it was because they were not finalized yet. I think it was because they need to enter the same data again that are already available on their own website. So naturally what we need is a programmable API for organizers to mash-up data in confabb and extra info (registration) in their style at their websites. I am sure it’s on the cards.Lastly, I am not a big fan of Google AdSense. Usually conferences have a list of sponsors. Sponsors’ links would be more appropriate.

I attended RailsConf Europe 2006 in September, which was superb. I had been tracking blogs and photos. A few weeks ago, SkillsMatter, one of the sponsors, publishedpresentations and podcasts of the conference. There were before/after-conference mini-events organized.

I don’t attend conferences much, but I am sure I will find the confabb very useful next time. It is already useful to keep track of review/blogs/photos of conferences I wanted to attend.

Did you notice that it’s built on Ruby on Rails?