Spicules of Light

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  1. Decentralised Energy – generating power close to where it’s used.
    Currently around 2/3 of energy in the UK is thrown away as wasted heat at the power station or in long distance transmission. [via  Edinburgh switch to Decentralised Energy]
  2. The helicopter view in workplace jargon – an overview in plain english
  3. SAX-40, a quieter, greener plane, 35% more fuel-efficient, but not flying before 2030 at the earliest. It’s too little, too late, but the research is very important.
  4. 9th November, Guinness World Records Day– A RSS feed of new records would be fun. Guinness is one of my favourite beers
  5. During a week of operations the Spirit of Dubai consumes less fuel than a 767 uses to simply move away from its gate to a runway
  6. Water Powered Battery?! No, They are water activated.
    They are much cheaper (about 10% the cost of normal batteries), take less energy to produce, and entirely non-toxic.
  7. Homes of the 1500s are still liable to lose less heat than their mock-Tudor counterparts constructed over the past few years
  8. Bus shelters to get solar power
  9. Wibree – digital radio technology designed for ultra low power consumption (button cell battery) within a short range (10 meters / 30 feet) [via The Future of Cell Phones]
  10. SpiderMonkeywill become integrated with Tamarin [via Adobe to donate script code to Mozilla]