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  1. Japan’s emissions have increased 6% since 1990, despite a 2012 target of a 6% decrease. US emissions were 21.1% above 1990 levels and accounted for nearly a quarter of all global greenhouse emissions – via  Greenhouse gas emissions rising 
  2. No two patients are identical – Experts crack cancer ‘gene codes’, offering new treatment hopes.
  3. Nanotech Triple Threat to Cancer – finds, flags, and kills tumor cells.
  4. James Webb Space Telescope – a successor of Hubble Telescope, which will get upgrade
  5. 20% percent of the world’s CCTV cameras are in the UK.
  6. The origins of Hallowe’en date back over 2000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain
  7. 6,912 living languages – via Is There Too Much English on the Web?
  8. This century is the last century of wild seafood –
    Unless we fundamentally change the way we manage all the ocean species together, as working ecosystems, then this century is the last century of wild seafood – via ‘Only 50 years left’ for sea fish
  9. £95,000, the value of meat from a fin whale
  10. Emma Mærsk – the largest container ship ever built, and as of 2006 the largest ship in use – via Giant Christmas goods ship docks