Misty Ixia Sea
Originally uploaded by Sean Bolton.

  1. Tim Berners-Lee used NeXT to create the World Wide Web [via Guardian Technology Blog]
  2. Jonathan Harris is an advisor to Etsy.com, the marketplace for handmade goods. Excellent Visualizations!
  3. British Monarchy website has podcasts. Insight Magagine needs RSS. It’s much better than Japanese Monarchy’s
  4. IBM has 40,000 patents, and it records about $1 billion a year in income from patent licensing.
    [via IBM Takes On Amazon]
  5. DVD John reverse engineered Apple’s DRM for iTunes, FairPlay
  6. Laser TV – even mobile-phone projectors possible
  7. 145-65 million years ago, the Amazon flowed east to west
  8. USO – Unusual Swimming Objects – Rare yellowfin tuna made second ever visit to British shores [via the london paper]
  9. ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ in Britain – Rapid Climate Change could plunge Britain into a big freeze [more here and here]
  10. Single/Double Summer Time (SDST) and Britain tried UTC+1 all year between 1968 and 1971